Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WalCast 4 (Diggin' Deep in a Pile of Pop)

Back to relatively obscure indie pop for the 4th Walcast, and there are some gems this time around. Regular listeners of independent music will recognize a few tunes, or at least the bands, but if anyone out there has heard all of these tunes I'll give you a shiny penny. As always, listen from the player or download below, leave comments and let me know what you think, and call your mom-she misses you.

Track Listing:

Superjet Waterslide - The Color Wheels - Clocking in at just under 2 minutes, this ditty is from the NY state husband-wife team's self titled debut.

Wish - Days Away - I really need to get some more music from this SoCal power-pop outfit. though I'm not sure if they're still together since this 2008 EP, Ear Candy for the Headphone Trippers, is the last I know about from them. But it's goooood...

Water and God - All Get out - I found this track on the SXSW download of artists from last years' festival. This SC band has a full length due out in the first half of this year, and I will definitely be checking it out.

Tonight I Have to Leave It - Shout Out Louds - Swedish indie-pop outfit with several albums under their belt and a new one due soon.

Keep Your Eyes Ahead - The Helio Sequence - Portland, OR duo with the great title track from their 2007 album.

Such Great Heights - The Postal Service - Benjamin Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie) on vocals from this 2003 side project. Many have awaited a follow-up album which has never come.

Burying Luck - Minus the Bear - One of my favorite newer Seattle area bands with the first track from their last release Planet of Ice. They have albums with titles such as This is What I Know About Being Gigantic and songs like Monkey!!!Knife!!!Fight!!!, and they finished recording their latest album last Sept, so we should see that released soon.

Spiral Stairs - Elf Power - They were part of the Elephant 6 collective in the nineties and they are sill kicking with this track from their 2008 album In a Cave.

Completely Replaceable - The Films - South Carolina indie group from their 2nd album, Oh, Scorpio.

Two Kinds - Film School - San Fransisco post-punk dream-pop band from last year's Hideout.

Long Distance Call - Phoenix - Can good music come out of France? Apparently so, because that's where Phoenix hails from, and they make great music. This is from 2007's It's Never Been Like That.

Wednesday's Fine - The Moves -Memphis pop-music-maker Daniel Jones with his late nineties group The Moves, from the album Are You Ready?

New York, Not Her - The Literary Greats - Houston based group with a great track from their self-titled debut.

Body Buzz - Aloha - from the EP Light Works.

Golden Skans - Klaxons - London indie pop. I was soooo tempted to play Atlantis to Interzone instead for the humor factor, but this is a better song.

Don't want to sit on my web page for an hour? Download this show here, and listen to it on your portable music-player-thingie.


  1. Very nice. Liked the Films' song. It's amazing how great Daniel's songs are. Too bad they don't have real production. They'd sound AMAZING.

  2. I agree about Daniel's stuff. Thanks for leaving a comment, it keeps me motivated to know someone's listening.