Saturday, January 2, 2010

WalCast 2 (More Random Goodness)

So here we are again with the second installment of my music show. A little less obscure this time, but good tunes nonetheless. Please leave some feedback so I can continue to improve the show. The next show will be an Americana/Alt-country theme, so be sure to tune in. Just press play on the player above to stream or hit the link at the bottom to download.

Track Listing:

The Great Big No
- The Lemonheads - Evan Dando and friends have been making quality pop-rock for a long time now, and this one takes us back to Come On, Feel the Lemonheads, circa 1993.

No Sunlight - Death Cab for Cutie - From their 2008 release Narrow Stairs, DCFC is one of the great bands making up the new Pacific Northwest scene.

Melting in the Sun - INXS - One of the great new wave bands of the 80's. This is from The Swing, one of my favorite albums from them.

Level - The Raconteurs - From the first album from the indie "supergroup" made up of Jack White of The White Stripes and powerpop-ster extraordinaire Brendan Benson, among others. Love this song.

Sons of Cain - Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - good track from 2007's Living with the Living.

Auctioneer - The Broken West - My friend Clay turned me on to these guys a few years ago, and both of their albums are out of this world. This is from their 2nd, Now or Heaven. Not to be confused with the great REM song by the same name.

Superstar Tradesman - The View - Scottish punk-pop-rock band from their 2006 debut Hats Off to the Buskers.

Achin to Be - The Replacements - Arguably one of the best rock bands ever, this is a classic from Don't Tell a Soul.

The Modern World - The Jam - From '77 to '82 these guys redefined punk, pop, rock and new wave, with their "mod revival" look and their awesome music. If you're not familiar, you're missing out.

LIft - Brad - Yeah, I know, 2 shows in a row? Get over it. This was a last minute substitution the the show for 2 reasons: 1. a friend of mine finally listened to, and enjoyed, a Brad song from the last 'cast, and I want to foster that new relationship, and 2. The song slated for this spot worked it's way into a music block that I want to do in another show. This is also from their 2nd, Interiors.

Dreamworld - Midnight Oil - Australian socially-conscious rockers with a great song from 1987's Deisel and Dust.

The King is Half-Undressed - Jellyfish - If you didn't catch wind of this San Fransisco power pop band during their brief 4 year tenure in the early nineties, you missed out on 2 really great albums, and should now rectify that issue. This is from the first, Bellybutton.

Human - The Killers - The Killlers have done a lot in incorporating eighties style into current musical trends, and have made some great music in the process. This is from their 2008 release Day and Age.

Who got the Meaning - The Elms - Midwestern rock from Indiana. Songs don't get much catchier than this. From their first full length, Big Surprise.

The Imposter - Elvis Costello - The true king of pop. From my favorite EC album, Get Happy!

Download this file for enjoying at your leisure here.


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