Monday, May 31, 2010

WalCast 15: The Dance with the Quirky Jerk


Hello, Hello again! This week I'm gonna shake it up a bit. If Weezer is as geek-rock as you get and you think Zappa is a single shoe ordered online, then this show may stretch your boundaries somewhat. I know, you might think "this is just what I needed." But fear not (I can see you shaking like tremolo), although this may be a dangerous type of musical sensibility, dry your suede-blue eyes and let's go for a different kind of ride. Let's face it, we need each other, you and me. After all, you're all I've got tonight, and (uh oh) it's magic when I'm with you. So put on your nuclear boots and your drip-dry gloves, and don't forget to brush your rock-n-roll hair, it's time for some tunes that are slightly off the beaten path.

Disclaimer: No members of, albums from, or songs by The Cars were harmed in the writing of this introduction. There are also none of their songs in the show this week.

This installment of the periodic musical entertainment entity known as The WalCast (henceforth known as "the show" in this document), consists wholly and exclusively of commentary by the host, Wal (henceforth known as "me" or "I" in this document), and the following tracks:

Abstract Plane - Frank Black
- From the great album Teenager of the Year comes this quirky pop gem, complete with an abstract house and an abstract mouse.

Atlantis to Interzone - Klaxxons - The title makes me laugh. From Myths of the Near Future.

Nantes - Beirut - The lighter side of quirk from The Flying Club Cup.

Heart it Races - Architecture in Helsinki - Indie/underground hit from Places Like This.

On the Radio - Regina Spektor - NYC neo-folky artist with a tune from Begin to Hope, stating that the guitar solo from GnR's November Rain is awfully long, but the refrain is good.

My Friend Goo - Sonic Youth - From the album Goo. "My friend Goo just goes 'PeeYeww!'"

The Man of Metropolis Steals our Hearts - Sufjan Stevens - Putting the "indie" in indie, this track is from Come On, Feel the Illinois!

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, pt. 1 - The Flaming Lips - Always interesting, the Lips bring us the namesake of their hit(?) album from a couple of years ago.

We Share Our Mother's Health - The Knife - Brother/Sister quirky electronic duo from Silent Shout.

For Hugh Thompson Who Stood Alone My Lai Massacre Vietnam - The Oaks - Good track from a beautiful and interesting album from a few years ago, Our Fathers and the Things They Left Behind.

Debaser - The Pixies - One of my favorite tracks from an album it's hard to pick favorites from, Doolittle.

Big Science - Laurie Anderson - Now we get out there a little bit with the title track from the avant-garde artist's early eighties album.

Don't Let's Start - They Might Be Giants - Bringing it back to the pop side of the pendulum with the single that started it all for one of the greatest indie/geek rock bands ever, from their first, self-titled album. I so wanted to play Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head here.

Matchbook Seeks Maniac - Deerhoof - Bizarre little ditty from Friend Opportunity.

Dado Peru - Eskimo - A prized song in my collection due to fond memories. Saw these guys once in the mid-nineties and they put every other display of musical weirdness to shame. Imagine the cast of Cirque du Soleil playing trombones, guitars, and hand saws. Oh yeah. From The Further Adventures of Der Shrimpkin.

Download at your own risk here.


  1. The Eskimo is hot. The Laurie Anderson is not.

  2. Dude, the Laurie Anderson is way hot. That whole album is hot.