Saturday, May 22, 2010

WalCast 14: Random Stuff

It's that time of year when everything gets busy in the life of Wal. I've had a few playlists made up for the last month or so thinking I would get several out this month, but no such luck. A couple, however, were random lists just like the one I'm giving you now, set up for just such a situation. My foresight is incredible. But enough about me, let's get on to some good music. No particular rhyme or reason to this set, just some tunes I threw together... well, randomly. Up top, you can stream it. Down below, you can download it. Either way, you'll love it.

And now, the track list...

Time Bomb - The Format - From 2007's Dog Problems.

Daft Punk is Playing at My House - LCD Soundsystem - First track from their self-titled 2005 release. You've got to set them up, man, set them up.

Phantom Limb - The Shins - From Wincing the Night Away. Make sure to also check out James Mercer's side project with Danger Mouse, Broken Bells.

Snow in California - The Stills - From the Canadian group's 2008 album, Oceans Will Rise.

Pull Shapes - The Pippettes - From their debut entitled (what else?) We Are The Pippettes. And you know, they are "the prettiest girls you've ever seen."

Jamais Vous - Bell Hollow - Pretty sure this New York band disbanded, but not before they put out Foxgloves.

Mirror People - Love and Rockets - Opening track from their classic 80's album Earth Sun Moon.

Look Sharp! - Joe Jackson - Title track from his classic, super-fantastic, must-have album.

Town Called Malice - The Jam - Great, great, great late 70's mod classic.

High Fidelity - Elvis Costello - Keeping in the same vein as the last 2 tracks with another beauty from Get Happy!

Can't Hardly Wait- The Replacements - From Pleased to Meet Me. Like you didn't know that.

All These Things That I've Done - The Killers - From their first album, Hot Fuss.

Clampdown - The Clash - Just a few months ago was the 30th anniversary of London Calling.

Electricityscape - The Strokes - From First Impressions of Earth.

Steady as She Goes - The Raconteurs - Opening tune from the group's first album, Broken Boy Soldiers. Man, Jack White and Brendan Benson just flat put out some albums, don't they?

Grab a copy of the show for keeps here.

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  1. I liked the Killers song a lot more than I remembered.