Sunday, May 2, 2010

WalCast 13: Cover Songs

Cover songs: the ultimate tribute or the ultimate in laziness? Who cares? I'd much rather listen to some music than debate such a stupid question. So this weeks' WalCast brings you songs written and recorded by one band and then re-recorded by another band that didn't write them. Confused? You won't be after this week's episode of Soap. If you got that reference, you are at least as old as I am. I tried to bring a decent mix of covers to the show that didn't all sound like the originals. Hopefully I succeeded. Hopefully you'll like the show this time. Hopefully I'll win the lottery soon. Stream at the top, download at the bottom.

I would now like to list the tracks included in the show:

Head On - The Pixies - Originally by the Jesus and Mary Chain, this was included on the last Pixies studio album, Trompe Le Monde.

My Favorite Waste of Time - Freedy Johnston - The early eighties Marshall Crenshaw tune was the title of Freedy's album of covers from a couple of years ago.

Enjoy the Silence - Nada Surf - This classic Depeche Mode track was redone by Nada Surf on their brand new album of covers, If I Had a Hi-Fi.

Since You're Gone - Fortune - Originally from The Cars, of course, Fortune covered this track on this year's Staring at the Ice Melt.

Major Tom (Coming Home) - The Contact - This Early eighties Peter Schilling tune has been covered by many bands. This version is from 2007's Canvas Tears.

Burning Down the House - The Cardigans (Featuring Tom Jones) - The Talking Heads tune as recorded on The Cardigan's greatest hits album. Kinda strange, huh?

The Rainbow Connection - The Loves - Kermit the Frog's classic from The Muppet Movie, reworked on the album Technicolour from 2007.

(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party) - The Hot Rats - Half of Supergrass form a side project to record cover songs and answer the question "What would it sound like if the Who recorded this song from the Beastie Boys album License to Ill way back in the late sixties?"

Speak to Me/Breathe - The Flaming Lips - These guys re-worked the entire Dark Side of the Moon album from Pink Floyd last year, with some help from Henry Rollins and others.

Use Somebody - Brooke White - A little soon to be covering a Kings of Leon tune, especially one from their latest album, but this American Idol contestant from 2009 did just that on her first album, 2009's Hgh Hopes and Heartbreak.

Peace Train - 10,000 Maniacs - The 70's Cat Stevens tune was covered on In My Tribe from the late eighties, but later had to be removed when Stevens converted to Islam and had his music pulled from distribution. Now he's Yusef and making music again. Whatever.

Caught Up in You - We the Kings - The .38 Special classic as covered for 2010's compilation, Punk Goes Classic Rock.

September Gurls - Moonlight Towers - The Big Star tune from a Big Star tribute album of various artists called Thank You Friends.

Such Great Heights - Iron and Wine - The beard-rock/folk artist's take on the great Postal Service song from the compilation Around the Well.

Higher Ground - Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Stevie Wonder classic, covered on 1989's Mother's Milk.

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  1. You should definitely watch Garden State. Especially since it was its own musical genre in the 00s. The Beasties cover was awesome. Major Tom was good too.