Sunday, April 11, 2010

WalCast 11: And now for an instrumental break...

It's been a few weeks since the last Walcast, but spring is here and yard work calls. I'm back this week, however, and bringing a little something different yet again, just to keep things interesting. This episode is all instrumentals. I don't have much more to say, except enjoy. Stream at the top, download below.

The tracks are as follows:

YYZ - Rush - Of course. What, did you expect La Villa Strangiato?

Mean Affair - Julie's Haricut - Italian prog-rock band from their latest, Our Secret Ceremony.

A Rumor in Africa - Errors - Scottish post-electro group with a track from Come Down With Me.

Set the Bears Free - Anchorsong - Originally from Japan, now based in London, this one-man act has only released 2 EPs, and only in Japan. This is from the second, The Bodylanguage EP.

Jo Bobo - The Johnny Staccato Band - Some Nu-Jazz from France, from a French compilation I picked up.

Pacific Theme - Broken Social Scene - From the Canadian indie group's album You Forgot It in People.

Wildcat - Ratatat - A classic from their album Classics.

Groove Holmes - Beastie Boys - One of the groovin' interludes from their best album ever, Check Your Head.

Streetcrawler - The Jimmy Chamberlain Complex - From the Smashing Pumpkins' drummer's fusion album Life Begins Again.

iii - The Cancer Conspiracy - Short-lived Vermont progressive project that spawned 2 albums. This is from the second, Omega.

Neighbor Riffs - Surfer Blood - Cool little ditty from the FL indie band's debut Astro Coast.

Daisy - Fang Island - A little bit of chanting vocals in this first single from one of the buzz bands from last year, from the indie-prog band's self-titled debut.

Da Funk - Daft Punk - The cult favorites from their live 2007 album, Daft Punk Alive 2007.

Body Snatcher - The Dynamites - This band features Charles Walker (still around from the funk/soul heyday of the late 60's and early 70's) on vocals on most tracks, but not on this barn-burning opener to their first album, 2007's Kaboom!

If you so desire, you may download the show here.

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