Friday, March 12, 2010

2 Songs From An Album You Need to Hear/Own

I sift through a lot of music week to week trying to find the next thing that will knock my socks off, or at least something that will become a permanent part of my music collection. Over the past few years I have discovered and extolled the virtues of such albums as The New Frontiers' Mending (still beating that dead horse), Siberian's With Me, and more recently The Wheat Pool's Hauntario and Hollerado's Record in a Bag. While some of the tunes I listen to and play on the WalCast are perhaps the only good songs from the related albums, some are just selected tracks from a virtual pool of gems. Such is the case with today's couple of tracks from new Dallas band The Slack. Formed from a hodgepodge of members from various indie bands in the area, they have put out a killer debut, The Deep End. Drawing from many diverse influences and incorporating them all into a wonderful and consistent album of pop/rock tunes varying from two and a half minute ditties to five minute anthems, this is definitely one for your collection. The two songs here are pretty much randomly selected, although not completely. I will definitely include another song at some point in the near future on a full-blown WalCast.

Truth and Fiction - The Slack - Love the organ solo on this one.

Pipe Dream - The Slack

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  1. Those were cool. Though when they go through about 4 different rock subgenres in the middle of the first song it is kind of disorienting.